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Do you know all the benefits from using our standby generators? Besides providing light, and power to all of your necessary appliances, they are also very cost effective and convenient in times of need. Generators practice parallel safety in your home, and you will never be caught in the dark. Call Jay L Stover Electrical Contractor to set up a generator for your home or business, today!

Generator installation is only a phone call away. What are you waiting for? Call, now!

Keep your foods refrigerated, and appliances running during power outages with the help of our Generac standby generators. Don't panic during an outage! Have a back-up plan. Use our generators to keep the light on. Call today to secure your own generator!

Trust Jay and his team of experts to provide you with power when you need it most.

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Power outages are unexpected and inconvenient at times. Don't let stress and panic come into play, when you could be using a standby generator without all the hassle! With special functions like automatic standby and convenient portable hook ups, you will never have to fear an outage.

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